“Gilder Nefan Sunset” by me.

My story “Still You Linger, Like Soot in the Air” is up at Lightspeed Magazine today. Gil, a religious ascetic on the far-off planet of Gilder Nefan, receives a new student, Tim, not long after his last student died. Here’s the first paragraph:

“By the time Gil had stopped meditating and opened his eyes, Muu had already removed the body. Just yesterday he and Demi had walked the eighty-four flights of stairs down to the dusty city streets, and together he and Demi had strolled across the promenade of Usha Square under the tangerine light of the setting sun. The wind had whipped Demi’s long hair into a frenzy, and Gil had leaned forward to brush a lock away from his friend’s glowing eyes. Now, Demi was gone. Muu had taken him, which meant Demi wasn’t dead exactly, but neither would Gil ever hold his hand again.”

You can read the full story here.

This story is a sort of sequel (same world, different characters) to my story “Saving Diego,” which you can read here.