Back in 2009 I published a short story called “Saving Diego” in Interzone magazine. It received some nice reviews, honorable mentions in various year’s best anthologies, and placed 5th in the annual Interzone readers’ poll. 

The story, about two estranged friends who meet again after a falling out on the distant plant of Gilder Nefan, a place where the religious take a psychotropic drug called “sweet jisthmus” to reach transcendent states of consciousness. 

The story has always stuck with me and I’ve wanted to write more about that world. And, in fact, I recently did. My story, “Still You Linger, Like Soot in the Air,” will be out in Lightspeed magazine this August, and takes place on the same planet. 

Because of this, I’ve decided to release “Saving Diego” as an ebook to my patrons. You will recognize the cover art from my recent 3D render “Gilder Nefan Sunset.” The cover was designed by the talented graphic designer Kris Dikeman. 

Read “Saving Diego” now by becoming a patron. You will also get two new chapters of Queen of Static every month, plus lots of extras!