I am beyond thrilled that “The Last Novelist” has been nominated for a Nebula Award! I can’t believe it! I’m super grateful to Ellen Datlow, for choosing and editing the story, to Tor.com, for publishing it, and for everyone who voted for and shared their love for the story on social media. “The Last Novelist” is about pursuing one’s art even when it seems no one is paying attention. It is about carving out an artistic niche even when there are too many other worrisome things going on in the world that want to take precedence. Though I wrote “The Last Novelist” over a year ago, and it takes place in the far future, I believe it couldn’t be more apt to today’s political climate.

I am also honored to be nominated alongside such amazing talents! I have read many, but not all, of the nominated works, so I can’t wait to dig in to all the great stuff!

This is my third Nebula Award nomination (I haven’t won a Nebula so far), and I have to say getting nominated is still one of the Most Exciting Things™ to ever happen to an author. So, thanks a bunch! You guys really are amazing.