TL;DR: I’ve put the Senses Five Press website back online.

The long version:

Some of you may know that I started Sybil’s Garage, a speculative fiction ‘zine, back in 2003. It ran for seven annual issues, and the fiction and poetry therein received lots of honorable mentions and acclaim. Many praised the magazine for its unique aesthetic (which is not at all clear from this current website incarnation).

In 2007 I was approached by Ekaterina Sedia about publishing an urban fantasy anthology she was editing. I believe at the time it was going to be called Moonlit Domes. Excited by all the great stories and authors (many of whom have gone on to do great things in the genre), I took on the task of publishing the anthology, which we renamed to Paper Cities. To my utter astonishment, in 2009 Paper Cities went on to *win* the World Fantasy Award. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could win, but that Paper Cities was literally the first and *only* book we ever produced, and it went on to win one of the biggest awards in the genre. I was told that had never happened before. And to my knowledge, in the history of the awards, Paper Cities still holds that record.

In 2010, I was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in the category of Special Award Non-Professional for my work editing Sybil’s Garage and publishing Paper Cities. It was my first personal award nomination, and I will never forget it.

So much happened in those long seven years. Those days seem like eons ago now, lifetimes away. And despite all the amazing things that we did, in 2010 I decided to sunset Senses Five Press. Running the magazine was simply taking up too much of my writing time. It was a blast, and it really helped me get a start in the genre, because through Senses Five Press I met and published so many great people. But because I switched focus to my own writing, after 2012 I stopped updating the Sense Five Press website. Some time later, because I wanted to be known for my writing and not for my editing, I put the site on ice.

Now, however, I think enough time has passed that I can safely turn on the site again without confusion. I have enough fiction out in the world that I’m comfortable people will encounter that first. In addition, the site has a lot of great content, including interviews with authors, short fiction, and the full tables of contents for all the issues, all of which, in the interest of completeness, should be online for people to discover. Admittedly, the site has a lot of crap too, old blog posts of mine where I waxed philosophical over some half-cocked thought I thought at the time was profound. Or maybe I was just trying to fill pages. If you are looking for a writer trying to find his voice, you might find him there.

The web has changed much since then, and a lot of the bells and whistles I added to the site look dated or quite simply don’t work anymore. That and some pages are poorly formatted. I hope you can see through all that to find something that was to me and I think a lot of other people a real treasure to be part of.

Visit Senses Five Press here.