I’ll be headed up to Albany this weekend for Albacon. There will be readings! And panels! And general con cheer! Looking forward to a fun weekend talking books! My schedule follows:

Saturday, 10:00 AM — Reading with Mercurio D. Rivera (not sure who will be reading first, but we both have 30 minutes. I may do voices for Mercurio’s story.)

Saturday, 4:00 PM, Troy, “Social Media” — Kressel, Lafferty*, Laity, Shvartsman (no description online yet, but I believe this panel is about using social media for promotion.)

Saturday, 5:00 PM, Troy, “How Others View Us” — Frederick*, Grant, Kressel, Rivera, Kauderer (they hate us! they despise us! they—who are “they”?)

Sunday, 12:00 PM, Troy, “Novel Craft – great plotting & effective world-building” — Doyle, Kressel, Macdonald*, Stine (looking forward to this one!)

Hope to see all you shiny folks there!