resurrectionhouse_logoThe good news I’ve been waiting to announce: I’ve just sold a book trilogy to Resurrection House, the publisher headed by the pioneering Mark Teppo. The first book in my trilogy is called King of Shards, and will be coming out in Fall of 2015 under their imprint Arche Press. The uber-talented and whip-smart Darin Bradley acquired the books and will be my editor.

If you’ve come to some of my readings over the past couple of years you may have heard various excerpts of the work-in-progress. Here’s the premise of King of Shards:

Across the ineffable expanse of the Great Deep float billions of failed creations, shattered universes known as the Shards. Populated with wrathful demons and struggling humans, the Shards depend on Earth for their existence as plants depend on the sun for life. Earth itself is sustained by thirty-six righteous people, thirty-six anonymous saints known as the Lamed Vav. Kill but a few of the Lamed Vav and Earth shatters, and the Shards that depend on Earth for life will die in a horrible, eons-long cataclysm.

On Daniel Fisher’s wedding day, Ashmedai, King of Demonkind abducts Daniel and ferries him down to the barren Shard of Gehinnom. While adjusting to life on this harsh desert landscape, Ashmedai tells Daniel he is a Lamed Vav, that should Daniel and a few more Lamed Vav die, the entire Cosmos will be destroyed in a monstrous cataclysm. The demoness Mashit has usurped the throne from Ashmedai and has murdered three Lamed Vav already. Ashmedai hungers to regain his former reign over demonkind and aligns with Daniel to save the Earth and all the Shards. Together the anonymous saint and demon king race across Gehinnom, hunting for the quickest path back to Earth to save the remaining Lamed Vav before Mashit and her demon minions bring destruction upon the entire Cosmos. But evil Ashmedai cannot be trusted; Daniel’s alignment with the demon king has grave costs. Forced to murder and steal to survive, Daniel finds that he may not be a Lamed Vavnik — a saint — anymore. Yet who but a Lamed Vavnik can save the world?

King of Shards will be my first published novel — something I’ve worked hard on for so long. Words fail to express how excited I am about this! (And how glad I am to finally share this news!)