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Queens Book Festival and Writer’s Digest Conference

In August I’ll be appearing at the Queens Book Festival and the Writer’s Digest Conference. Hope you can come by to watch the panels, get your book signed, or just to say hi!

Queens Book FestivalQueens Book Festival

Sunday, August 7th, Marquee Stage, 11:00 A.M.
The umbrella genre of speculative fiction, including science fiction and fantasy, has gained a broader popularity over the last decade and has opened the door for authors of various backgrounds to write their own stories more reflective of their worlds. In this panel, authors will discuss their visions for the future of speculative fiction, and how broadening the scope of the genre and engaging with various communities better enriches on the world. Moderated by Jennifer Marie Brissett, with panelists Elizabeth Crowens, Carlos Hernandez, Matthew Kressel, and Steve W Vera.

WDvert_color_400x400Writer’s Digest Conference

Saturday, August 13, Mass Autographing Session, 6:30 – 8:00 P.M.
I’ll be here signing books. I’ll also have copies of King of Shards on hand.

Sunday, August 14th, 10:15 – 11:15 A.M., The Art (and Science) of Worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Writing speculative fiction requires a level of imaginative thinking unmatched by other genres. And yet, it’s not simply a matter of wild creativity. The people, places, environments, political systems, flora and fauna must all adhere to an internal logic, being both fantastic, yet believable at the same time. In this panel, we’ll examine what special considerations are required when writing superior fantastic fiction and how to address those considerations properly, without limiting the power, impact, or pace of your story. (Panelists Elizabeth Bear, Debbie Dadey and Matthew Kressel).



Bible as Fantasy Literature Panel from Arisia 2016

Thanks to Noah Beit-Aharon, the video of our “Bible as Fantasy Literature Panel” from Arisia 2016 is now available for your viewing pleasure. This was a lot of fun so I’m happy it’s now online.

Here’s the description:

“What can we gain from viewing the Bible as fantasy literature, rife with active gods, prophecies, and larger-than-life heroes, and complete with centuries of fanfic from Dante to Milton and onward? How is the Bible treated in fantasy?”

It was a great discussion, so I’m glad it’s now available for rewatching.

The Reporter Group Reviews King of Shards

The Reporter Group, the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton, New York, praises King of Shards in their latest review. 

“Kressel does an excellent job in fashioning a fantasy world based on Jewish lore and in creating interesting characters and a suspenseful plot. Although it took time to understand the underlying theology of the Shards, that didn’t slow the action.” — Rabbi Rachel Esserman

They also review works by Lavie Tidhar and Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. The full review can be found here.

Interview at the Washington Independent Review of Books

At the Washington Independent Review of Books, Craig L. Gidney interviews me about portal fantasies, Syfy’s The Magicians, adapting mythology for fiction. Jewish fantasy, Sybil’s Garage, and the follow up to King of Shards, Queen of Static.

You can read the interview here.

Goodreads Discussion Group

Goodreads-LogoOver at Goodreads, I’ve started a discussion group for King of Shards and the forthcoming Queen of Static. The group is for general Q&A and discussions about both books. There will likely be spoilers for book one, but I’ll do my best to avoid spoiling Queen of Static. Please come on over and join the discussion!


Queen of Static Cover Reveal

So it went like this: my sister sent me a link to someone who had given a great review of King of Shards on Goodreads, and while there I noticed another book was listed besides mine: Queen of Static, the next book in the Worldmender trilogy. So then I went over to Amazon and Queen of Static was there as well, and then I thought, Well if it’s up on Amazon and Goodreads there is no reason whatsoever not to share it publicly with my readers! 

So, voila. I present to you the cover to Queen of Static.

The art is by the super-talented Leon Tukker. I worked closely with him to create this image, which depicts the palace of Abbadon in Sheol and the surrounding city. The synopsis of the book is below the image.

Edit: Queen of Static will be published on October 11, 2016.

Nu???? What do you think? I always appreciate feedback!

Queen of Static by Matthew Kressel

Queen of Static by Matthew Kressel

Following the events of King of Shards, both humans and demons continue their quest to control the Lamed Vavnik, the thirty-six righteous men who sustain the Earth against the persistent hunger of the twisted creatures who inhabit the Shards, the broken remains of shattered universes. Daniel Fisher, both cursed and empowered by his acceptance of his role as Earth’s protectors, seeks to warn the righteous men of the coming demonic attack, while Mashit—the Queen of all demonkind—forces a quartet of captive Lamed Vavnik to her will, bringing new growth to her burning realm.

Meanwhile, Daphna, Mashit’s daughter, visits Earth and adopts the guise of a liberated Ukrainian slave girl cum pop superstar in order to bring all of humanity under her control. As humanity rushes to embrace the new celebrity and worship at her feet, Daniel struggles to convince the scattered Lamed Vavnik of the threat which faces them all, but they refuse to accept their true nature.

Queen of Static continues the Worldmender Trilogy, a series that The Huffington Post has referred to as a “unique fantasy cosmos” and one that NPR has called a “feast for hardcore fantasy fans.”

Podcast and Essay

kgbbarOver at Fran Wilde’s Cooking the Books, Ellen Datlow and I share inside secrets about the Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series, the esoteric art of anthology editing, and the black divination of novel writing. Fran has a Patreon to support the podcast, and if you donate she’ll send you some of our outtakes! Why would you want to hear those outtakes? Well, because Ellen doesn’t want you to!

Also, this week I’ll be writing a series of essays for the Jewish Book Council. In “The Shortening of the Way” I speak about about Dune, the Baal Shem Tov, the Kwisatz Haderach, and genre shibboleths. 

Give a listen! Give a read! And leave a comment, so I know there are people out there who are interested in this stuff.