“The Suffering Gallery”
Beneath Ceaseless Skies - Issue 57
Ed. Scott H. Andrews
December 1, 2010


“Atleiu feeds on pain, which she extracts from her larder full of tortured victims. The maggot is a parasite, begging for scraps and stealing them when he dares, during her lengthy periods of repose. Among the demon’s victims is the son of a sorcerer who keeps making futile excursions in an attempt to destroy her and rescue the boy. But her bane lies elsewhere. It’s interesting to consider the relationship between a parody and its target. The best parodies are true to the object they are mocking. With its overthetoppitude of empurpled prose, Kressel’s piece is definitely a parody of sword-and-sorcery fiction, but it is otherwise true to the S&S conventions and winds up with a very satisfactory conclusion.” — Lois Tilton, Locus Online

“Mr. Kressel’s imagination is wondrous and, as he hones his craft, I’m sure we will be excited by that imagination in the future.” — Bob Blough, Tangent Online