Saturn Explorer

I’ve been noodling around with Blender and Photoshop some more, and in this latest render & paintover, NASA ship S.S. Carl Sagan explores Saturn’s cloud tops, while the planet’s rings glory majestic over all.
This was heavily Inspired by the short film “Wanderers,” by Erik Wernquist and the writings of the late astronomer Carl Sagan. Here’s the specific image/still which inspired me:

Still from “Wanderers” by Erik Wernquist

Rendering clouds well in 3D software is really hard, which I figured out *much* too late. Also, I found it hard to get the twilight lighting to appear decent. So I opted for a full-sun, bright afternoon view. Not as good as the short film still, but I’m happy with my result.
Also, some trivia! The rings are actually a stretched image of Carl Sagan’s photo, to honor him and how much he’s inspired me.
I spent *way* too much time modeling the spaceship, only for it to be placed too far from the camera to see all the detail, so S.S. Carl Sagan will likely appear in a future render! This one is called “Saturn Explorer.”