Let’s talk about the pangolin in the room: the coronavirus. It’s got everyone worried, including me. My wife and I live in New York City, which is the densest city in the country and the most ripe for exponential infection. The first reported NY death was at a hospital in our neighborhood. Scary times.

When I’m anxious I like to occupy my mind with tasks, and one of the best ways I’ve found for this is making 3D models. I’ve heard that one of the best remedies for fear is making art (I mean Shakespeare wrote King Lear while under quarantine), and while I doubt I’ll write King Lear, I have been doing a lot of 3D work in Blender.

The image below is an early version of a Mars space station I’m working on. I envision Mars Station as a transit point for astronauts before they venture down in a ship to the surface. Like the ISS, it’s modular, and new modules can be added and removed as necessary. All the models are my own design, but they are based off of real components.

I expect to do several more 3D renders over the next few weeks. 


Mars Station

So what about you? What kinds of things are you doing to keep yourselves occupied during these stressful times?