Lightspeed 108My story “Truth is Like the Sun” about a non-binary trans popstar who performs a set from space and breaks the internet is out in this month’s Lightspeed Magazine. The issue also includes stories by Nancy Kress and Max Gladstone. Quick Sip Reviews had this to say about “Truth is Like the Sun”:

“Hopeful, a vision of a future where a trans person can find global acceptance and push real change, from inspiring others to push forward into space to spurring new ideas and norms surrounding gender and sexuality… [An] ambitious piece… [A] feeling of affirmation and hope even as other aspects of the world are difficult and broken… [A] shot of optimism in a sea of cynicism… [A] fascinating story… and one that plays with form and expectations so well, reaching for hope that I, too, want to believe in. It’s definitely a story to spend some time with!”

You can read the story for free on May 16, or purchase the issue to read it now.