My story “The Marsh of Camarina” will appear in the Canadian anthology Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders,  edited by Lucas K. Law and Susan Forest. Proceeds from the anthology will benefit the Mood Disorders Association and Alex Community Food Centre. Here’s a description of the book from the book jacket:

Migration. A transformation of time, place, and being . . .


We are called drifters, nomads. We are expatriates, evacuees, and pilgrims. We are colonists, aliens, explorers; strangers, visitors–intruders, conquerors–exiles, asylum seekers, and . . . outsiders.

An American father shields his son from Irish discrimination. A Chinese foreign student wrestles to safeguard her family at the expense of her soul. A college graduate is displaced by technology. A Nigerian high school student chooses between revenge and redemption. A bureaucrat parses the mystery of Taiwanese time travelers. A defeated alien struggles to assimilate into human culture. A Czechoslovakian actress confronts the German WWII invasion. A child crosses an invisible border wall. And many more.

Stories that transcend borders, generations, and cultures. Each is a glimpse into our human need in face of change: to hold fast to home, to tradition, to family; and yet to reach out, to strive for a better life.

If you didn’t guess from the above description, my story is the one where “A college graduate is displaced by technology.” Graduating from a top school with a degree in computer science, she discovers that AIs have taken all the programming jobs, and so, with no other options, she heads up to an experimental community in Canada where she must decide what to do with her life.

Links to preorder the anthology are here.