Yesterday’s Acquisitions

New acquisitions! 

Yesterday, I picked up the just released Collector’s Edition of Omni magazine, in which Ellen Datlow is the fiction editor. I grew up reading Omni and loved the articles, fiction, and art. It’s absolutely amazing to see the magazine on the shelves again. There really is nothing quite like it. The magazine has new fiction from Nancy Kress, Maureen McHugh, and Rich Larson. Plus an interview with William Gibson. And did I mention the art? It’s a stunning magazine. I’m so glad I snagged a copy before they’re all gone, because this magazine truly is a collector’s item.

Yesterday, I also picked up the final two issues of Victor LaValle’s Destroyer, the retelling/continuation of the Frankenstein story. What I’ve read so has been fantastic, and I’m super excited to read the conclusion. If you haven’t checked out Destroyer yet, I highly recommend it.

Lastly but not leastly, Bifrost, the French-language magazine, where my story “The Last Novelist” appears, arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It’s a beautiful glossy-covered magazine with fantastic art. For example, check out the incredible artwork for my story:

Art for “The Last Novelist” by Johnson Juboal (?)

It’s very Moebius, and I just love it!