cover_cyber-worldPublishers Weekly calls Cyber World “outstanding” and they mention a few stories, including my “The Singularity is in Your Hair,” plus stories from E. Lily Yu, Paul Graham Raven, and Madeline Ashby. Happy to see the book getting this much-deserved attention, as it contains a number of excellent stories, really well chosen by editors Josh Viola and Jason Heller. For those interested, there will be a book release party at the Lovecraft Bar in NYC in November, details forthcoming.

“This outstanding collection is set in a near-future society with intriguing technological advances, but the social and cultural implications of these developments vary widely…Artificial intelligence features in several stories, creating virtual realities in Matthew Kressel’s “The Singularity Is in Your Hair”…a myriad of characters and styles highlights the variety of voices and ideas in current science fiction, and the authors gleefully expand the already-fluid definition of cyberpunk. The stories that focus on individual relationships highlight the most lasting and powerful effects of technological changes, showing them to be beneficial, destructive, and sometimes both at once.” —Publishers Weekly

You can read the full review here.