I’ll be attending Readercon in Boston, MA this weekend, July 7-10. Here’s my schedule while I’m there. Hope to see you soon!

Friday July 08
4:00 PM B Reading: Matt Kressel. Matt Kressel. Matt Kressel reads a new short story, soon to be published in the Cyber World anthology, edited by Jason Heller and Josh Viola.

Saturday July 09
2:00 PM AT Autographs. LJ Cohen, Matt Kressel.

Sunday July 10
10:00 AM 5 Magic! In! Spaaace!. Chris Gerwel, Mikki Kendall, Matt Kressel, Sioban Krzywicki (leader), Bethany Powell. Magical fantasy is frequently set in the past or in worlds that look like our past. With the rise of urban fantasy, we’re seeing more and more stories with magic in the present day. What about magic in the future, or stories of space exploration using magic? Is this too many clashing elements at once, or could the right author reconcile what we love about futuristic SF with our favourite fantasy tropes?