nightmare-nov-2015SFSignal has some love for “Demon in Aisle 6,” my story just out in Nightmare Magazine​ as part of their Mind Meld series, this one on What Makes the Perfect Short Story?

“One of my very favorite stories out this year has been the very recent “Demon in Aisle 6” by Matthew Kressel” (in the November 2015 issue of Nightmare Magazine), which combines a deeply tragic story about loss and guilt and also examines insular communities and the vulnerability of people without support. I will admit that this story had me in tears reading it and did so with a strong tension and a mastery of pathos. More than that, the story made me think about how far the world has come in recognizing certain kinds of people and just how little that can mean to those living under a constant threat of violence.” They also mention works by Sofia Samatar​, Carmen Machado​, Sam J. Miller​, Tiffany Trent​, Fran Wilde​ and many others.

You can read the full article here