The folks at Nerds of a Feather review my story “The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies,” which appeared in the May Clarkesworld Magazine and have nice things to say:

“A story about scale and abuse and the hope for a better world, ‘The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies’ by Matthew Kressel is a wheat ale, full of the taste of wide open spaces and clean air and enough of a bite to remind you that the world is alive and growing….Aya and her people are completely inhuman in form, in motion, and yet like all my favorite science fiction stories, this one does an incredibly job of showing the human in an alien character, in showing with golden clarity the scale and scope of our existence, just a drop in an endless sea, and yet regardless of size that life and sentience need to be respected. That abuse doesn’t have to be handed down. That somewhere there might be a place for those who don’t fit in. Like a wheat ale, the story is perfect for summer, looking out on clear skies and feeling a little better about the world.”

You can read the full review here.