Nebula Awards - SFWA

My story “The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye” is up for a Nebula Award, and I’ll be attending the Nebula Awards Weekend from June 4-7th, in Chicago. I’m looking forward to connecting with folks. And even if you are not attending the con, but you are in Chicago, remember that there is a mass autograph session on Friday, June 5th from 8-9:30pm which is free and open to the public. I’ll be there, so come and say hi!

I’ll be on two panels, schedule below. See you there!

Friday 10:00am-11:00am:  Writing Through Writers’ Block, Salon 8
Panelists: Nancy Kress, Matthew Kressel, Jack McDevitt, Sarah Pinsker, Jack Skillingstead
It happens to many authors—deadlines looming and the words just won’t come. You can’t wait for writer’s block to go away but everyone knows stories of famous writers with blocks that lasted for years. Panelists will discuss some ways you can use to overcome writer’s block and not be one of the stories?
Saturday 2:00am-3:00am:  The Business of Being an Author, Salon 9
Panelists: Eric Flint, Matthew Kressel (M), Eleanor Wood
As an author, you are basically self-employed. If you are going to be successful in your writing career, you need to take care of the business side of things. Taxes, keeping accounts, and managing your old age are things you need to consider. While not offering legal or investment advice, this panel will address what you need to consider to run the business of Yourself profitably and avoid the minefields that might be out there.