I’ve been away at Readercon (at which I had a superb time and will hopefully blog about soon), so I didn’t have much time for blogging, but I wanted to mention that I have a non-fiction article up at the SFWA.org website published this past weekend called “Overcoming Self-Doubt as a Writer.” Todd Vandermark, the web editor of the SFWA site told me that the Facebook crosspost of the article is already one of the most “liked” SFWA posts they’ve ever done. At first this made me happy, until I thought about all the writers out there doubting themselves. Hopefully my article will inspire them to doubt a bit less.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s become a cliché, the tortured writer beset by periods of crippling self-doubt. But things become clichés simply because they have been true for so many. Writing, for most people I know, is an experience of few victories and many small defeats. The little victories can make all those defeats worthwhile, but when you’re in the writing mode, staring at the screen or paper, slogging away day after day, without feedback, you can often feel like you’ve wandered deep into the woods without a guide and now you’re lost and it’s getting dark and there are strange sounds coming from that grove of trees, and at this far out no one can hear you scream. (keep reading…)

Also some excellent news to be announced here soon, once the i’s are crossed and t’s dotted!