Clarkesworld Issue 92 cover by Albert Urmanov

Clarkesworld Issue 92 cover by Albert Urmanov

My story “The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye” is out today in the May issue of Clarkesworld Magazine, alongside stories by Maggie Clark, E. Catherine Tobler, Howard Waldrop and Andy Duncan. Damn good list of authors to appear beside, I think. Here’s the opener:

As the Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye wandered the galaxy harvesting dead stars, they liked to talk.

“I was traveling the southern arm,” the Meeker said, “you know, where the Baileas eat the cold dust?”

“I do,” said the All-Seeing Eye. “But tell me again.”

“Well, that old hag told me she used to swallow stars by the thousands!”

The Meeker chuckled and one of his nine arms bumped the controls. The accidental thrust, less than a few million photons, would take the Bulb off course by more than four light-years. But what was another century when the Meeker and the Eye had millennia to talk?

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