The end of the year is fast approaching, and people have been asking me what I’ve published this year. I have had three short stories published in 2013. They are:

While I love all three stories, “The Sounds of Old Earth” seemed to get the most attention. Reviewers said:

“This is gorgeous, melancholy, and heartbreaking. I highly rec it (I cried through most of it).” — Ellen Datlow

“The best story in the January issue…the story is nicely felt and nicely characterized, and the frog pond that the old man has nurtured for decades and is reluctant to abandon to its fate is nicely symbolic of all the things about Old Earth that are being callously lost in the process.” — Gardner Dozois for Locus

Even Joyce Carol Oates chimed in: “This is a powerful story that is both tragic & hopeful–unexpectedly. And beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it.” — Joyce Carol Oates

Ms. Oates’ review was totally unexpected and unsolicited. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time, and it was a special moment receiving this praise from her.

If you’re curious, you can read “The Sounds of Old Earth” here.