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Interview in Outer Places

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Mahon of Outer Places and the interview gone up live on their website. I talk about the Singularity, data privacy, technological ethics, and my long and short fiction.

You can check out the interview here.

Reading at the Bright Hill Literary Center

bright-hillNext Thursday, June 9th at 7pm, I’ll be reading at the Bright Hill Literary Center in Treadwell, New York alongside poet Kirby Olson. I’ll likely be reading from a new short story and/or an excerpt from the new novel Queen of Static. If you are in the area, I hope you will come by and say hello.


Bright Hill Press & Literary Center
94 Church Street
Treadwell, NY 13846

Date & Time:

Thursday, June 9th, 7pm.


Coming Up For Air

This is me

I feel like a whale who has just come up for air or the hermit who has reentered civilization after months of seclusion. The reason? I just turned in the manuscript for Queen of Static, the follow-up to last year’s King of ShardsQueen of Static picks up where Shards left off, and follows Daniel as he seeks a route back to Sheol. More characters are introduced (many in fact) but some familiar ones, like Mashit, Ashmedai, Kokabiel and others return.

And I know I am biased, but I feel Queen of Static is a damn fine book. It goes much further than Shards, and as I was writing I kept discovering synchronicities in the text. Connections I didn’t consciously intend to make kept happening. It seemed, at points, as if the book was writing itself. I also noticed a new fluency in my writing. I’m not sure exactly where it has come from, but I suspect when you spend many hours every day, month after month, year after year, eventually you level up. Something clicked into place, I think. The result is, as you will see, an extraordinary book.

But, as I said, I’m biased of course.

Anyway, it’s good to breathe. Hello. How are you? My, the sun is bright.

Albacon Schedule

I’ll be headed up to Albany this weekend for Albacon. There will be readings! And panels! And general con cheer! Looking forward to a fun weekend talking books! My schedule follows:

Saturday, 10:00 AM — Reading with Mercurio D. Rivera (not sure who will be reading first, but we both have 30 minutes. I may do voices for Mercurio’s story.)

Saturday, 4:00 PM, Troy, “Social Media” — Kressel, Lafferty*, Laity, Shvartsman (no description online yet, but I believe this panel is about using social media for promotion.)

Saturday, 5:00 PM, Troy, “How Others View Us” — Frederick*, Grant, Kressel, Rivera, Kauderer (they hate us! they despise us! they—who are “they”?)

Sunday, 12:00 PM, Troy, “Novel Craft – great plotting & effective world-building” — Doyle, Kressel, Macdonald*, Stine (looking forward to this one!)

Hope to see all you shiny folks there!