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Review of “The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies”

cw_104_700I received this nice review of my story “The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies” in the latest Clarkesworld Magazine​ from Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews: “A powerful story about generational abuse and release and the dream of freedom, this story does a lot of things right. The setting is incredibly original and imaginative, the world of Aya, the main character, one of near abstraction, where Gardeners care to plants that are entire realms, entire universes… It’s a great story, the characters not humanoid but their tendencies definitely human-like. It’s just the sort of science fiction that I love, full of interesting ideas and yet grounded in the idea that people are capable of doing better, capable of being better. Indeed!” 

The full review is available here.

“Demon in Aisle 6”

I’m happy to announce I’ve sold a new story, “Demon in Aisle 6,” to Nightmare Magazine. The story is about a high school kid who begins seeing a demon in the aisle of a mega mart where he works after his close friend dies. It’s my first story in Nighmare Magazine and my first horror story in a long while. Happy to have it appear there. According to managing editor Wendy Wagner, my story will appear there in the October issue, which is great because that’s also the same month that King of Shards debuts.

Albacon Schedule

I’ll be headed up to Albany this weekend for Albacon. There will be readings! And panels! And general con cheer! Looking forward to a fun weekend talking books! My schedule follows:

Saturday, 10:00 AM — Reading with Mercurio D. Rivera (not sure who will be reading first, but we both have 30 minutes. I may do voices for Mercurio’s story.)

Saturday, 4:00 PM, Troy, “Social Media” — Kressel, Lafferty*, Laity, Shvartsman (no description online yet, but I believe this panel is about using social media for promotion.)

Saturday, 5:00 PM, Troy, “How Others View Us” — Frederick*, Grant, Kressel, Rivera, Kauderer (they hate us! they despise us! they—who are “they”?)

Sunday, 12:00 PM, Troy, “Novel Craft – great plotting & effective world-building” — Doyle, Kressel, Macdonald*, Stine (looking forward to this one!)

Hope to see all you shiny folks there!

“The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies” published in Clarkesworld

cw_104_700My story “The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies” is out in this month’s Clarkesworld Magazine. It’s a story about generational abuse, repression, and farmers of universes. The first commenter on the story said it would make an excellent graphic novel, and I couldn’t agree more!

There’s also a podcast of the story by the fabulous Kate Baker.